Since it was established Scanmed Group has been actively involved in social activities, especially those concerning healthcare, the field in which it operates. As an integral part of environment, we strive to bring about beneficial changes and therefore we are active in areas where our knowledge and wide experience in medicine and business may turn out to be advantageous.

The strategy of the company’s social engagement is based on three keystones:

  1. The first keystone of our commitment is cooperating with organisations and institutions which promote the development of interests and which help the sick and the disabled. We continuously support and sponsor various kinds of public activity, providing medical assistance at sports and cultural events.
  2. The second keystone of CSR strategy is medical education and disease prevention. We consistently run prevention programmes for our patients, invite them to free consultations and tests organised during mass events, launch pro-health campaigns for inhabitants of large cities. What makes Scanmed Group’s prevention programmes special is their multidimensional aspect: they are run at medical centres, hospitals, patient’s home, school as well as at the workplace. Education and prevention is: firstly, universal, aimed at everyone regardless of risk level; secondly, selective – aimed at higher risk groups, also focusing on individuals of high health risk.
  3. The third keystone of the Group’s social activity is supporting sports events as their Medical Partner. The company provides medical assistance to participants, promotes the concept of responsible organisation of events, as well as runs, together with Partners from sports environment, a programme which advocates prevention of disease and healthy lifestyle in society.

A significant part of Scanmed Group’s activities are long-term and periodic initiatives during which the Group closely cooperates with such social partners as Anna Dymna’s Foundation ‘Against the Odds’ (‘Mimo Wszystko’), Polish Ski Association (PZN) or student organisations.

Find out more about the company’s social engagement reading the Sustainable Development Report of Scanmed Group.