Providing medical services means great responsibility, which Scanmed Group has towards its stakeholders, but above all towards patients.  Since its foundation Scanmed Group has been a leader in creating full-profile private healthcare in Poland, ensuring compliance with safety and high quality norms. The way we take care of patients’ health is constantly improved on every stage of treatment – in all services provided – from medical consultations, diagnostics, tests, medical transport and home visits, to hospital treatment.

Safety and quality

Scanmed Group pays special attention to the quality of medical services it provides as well as to the patient’s safety. Therefore, as part of Integrated Management System Policy applied by Scanmed Group Boards, the company has declared to undertake crucial activities and objectives such as: improving quality, safety of services provided, training medical personnel as well as meeting legal requirements. The above mentioned objectives are fulfilled by the Group through the engagement of experienced medical personnel, professional service as well as implementation and compliance with procedures which guarantee the quality and safety of services.

The need for meeting appropriate norms and competencies also applies to subcontractors working for Scanmed Group and is of crucial importance when they want to cooperate.

Patient rights

What is of key importance to Scanmed Group is protection of patient rights, especially those which concern issues regarding dignity but also the right to choose a doctor, a nurse and an obstetrician, to confidentiality, the right to accessible and understandable information regarding health, consent to medical services, the right to obtain and protect medical documentation as well as the right to stand up for yourself. Patient rights are available on the following website in the ‘Patient in the centre of attention’, as well as at information points of medical centres. Since 2009 Scanmed Group has had a Patient Ombudsman, whose responsibility is to ensure safety and satisfaction of patients as well as to make sure the personnel respect Patient Rights.

The Ombudsman’s responsibilities are:

  • providing assistance in access to detailed information,
  • running telephone and email consultations regarding the quality of services provided,
  • dealing with oral and written complaints filed by patients,
  • writing replies to patients’ complaints,
  • monitoring if the patients’ rights are obeyed on the Group’s premises,
  • getting involved in information-educational activity for patients and employees, regarding patients’ rights and duties

Contact with Patient Ombudsman

tel. 510 299 944

tel. 12 629 89 27