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5 February 2016

Press conference – a summary of the activities of the St. Raphael Hospital in 2015.

On Wednesday, 3 February 2016 were held a press conference with the regional consultant in emergency medicine and representatives of the St. Raphael Hospital in Krakow. During the meeting, the functioning of the institution in 2015 was discussed. Furthermore, the need to extend competence and to create Emergency Department was highlighted. In the opinion of […]

Scanmed400 29 October 2015

29 October 2015 New POZ (Primary care) outpatient clinic in Lublin already in operation

Since the beginning of October the inhabitants of Lublin have been able to make use of services offered by the newly opened medical facility. It operates as part of Gastromed and provides NFZ (National Health Fund) services.The owner of the facility is Scanmed Group, which Gastromed from Lublin belongs to.Above all, the new facility provides […]

Scanmed400 14 October 2015

Polish orthopaedists as trainers of Chinese doctors

On the 15th of October the Sports Clinic in Żory (Silesian voivodeship) is going to hold a training course on minimally-invasive endoscopic spine surgeries. The participants of the lecture are going to be Chinese orthopaedists who wish to learn from Polish specialists the technique for endoscopic removal of a herniated disc.Since the end of 2014 […]

Scanmed400 29 September 2015

Highest Quality Gold Emblem 2015 for Scanmed Group

The leader of Polish healthcare market awarded. Scanmed Group has received the Gold Emblem in the Highest Quality programme –Quality International for comprehensive services concerning gynecological treatment on an outpatient and hospital basis. The innovative Gynecology Centre of Scanmed Group has been operating since last year.The facility is part of St. Raphael’s Hospital in Kraków […]

Scanmed400 25 September 2015

National social campaign begins

More than one fourth of the society search for information concerning their health on the Internet. The increasing scope of this phenomenon should make Polish people aware of the necessity to verify all the Internet advice with specialists. Therefore, this week a national project called ‘Internet does not treat’, which encourages Polish people to talk […]

Scanmed400 21 September 2015

Scanmed – another lecture on prevention and treatment of tumours

On the 23 September the second lecture of ‘Women’s Intimate Health’ series is going to take place in Scanmed Medical Centre in ul. Armii Krajowej 5 in Kraków. This time the topic will be prevention and treatment of tumours in women. – The great interest that the first lecture of ‘Women’s Intimate Health’ series generated […]

Scanmed400 3 September 2015

Equality in business

Equality in business pays off – a promotional campaign of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy regarding promotions of women was launched on 2 September. The Stock Exchange in Warsaw held a press briefing inaugurating the media campaign of the project ‘Equality in business’. The main objective of the meeting was to promote the […]