Conducting the ‘Health in the hands of specialists’ mission Scanmed Group pays special attention to shaping and developing human resources. Among the fundamental concepts of the Group’s personnel policy there are:

  • ensuring stable employment conditions and favourable working environment,
  • gaining and developing working competences of employees,
  • ensuringtransparent and objectified recruitment procedures,
  • evaluating the potential of employees through work evaluation system,
  • cooperating with the student community in order to build and guarantee professional personnel though organising internships and work placements,
  • realising diversity policy.

Continuous improvement of qualifications, ensured as part of training policy applied, is of key importance to Scanmed Group employees. Due to this policy employees make use of numerous professional development schemes which are aimed at improving qualifications. Employees’ expectations regarding development are taken into consideration in an annual Training Programme as well as collected as a list of needs of a given department or an individual. The need for training is determined also on the basis of Research on employees’ satisfaction and as part of Periodic Evaluation System.