One of the consequences of getting involved in medical processes is the impact it exerts on the environment through producing various kinds of waste, including medical and hazardous waste as well as through fumes emitted by vehicles belonging to the fleet of ambulances. The Boards of Scanmed Group are fully aware of the company’s impact on the environment and of its operational responsibility for environmental aspects, and they undertake measures to minimise that impact, which was declared in the approved Integrated Management System Policy. The Group complies with, above all, the requirements of ISO 14001 norm, which is part of the Integrated Management System.

The Group remains in touch with its stakeholders when it comes to environmental protection activity, through filing periodic reports on production of waste and emission of fumes, as well as through publicly communicating environmental objectives. As for contracts with suppliers, the Group imposes requirements concerning compliance with rules of environmental protection.

On the basis of crucial aspects of environmental impact identified by the Group, the Programme for management of environment was drawn up. The Programme defines environmental objectives of Scanmed Group for 2013, promotes activity regarding waste management, including the usage of ecological office supplies, aiming to minimise the amount of waste and facilitate its sorting. What is more, it promotes protection against potential spills in places where hazardous substances are used and stored, paying special attention to prevention, readiness and reaction to failure.

In order to promote the knowledge of and involvement in pro-ecological and pro-environmental activities of all employees of the Group, there are systematic trainings and campaigns organised to make the personnel aware of the aspects through which the company has an impact on the environment.