szpialbezbolubig 23 November 2015

‘Hospital without Pain’ 2013

St. Raphael’s Hospital has once more been awarded the ‘Hospital without Pain’ certificate. The award of the Polish Association for the Study of Pain objectively affirms the effort of St. Raphael’s Hospital to improve the comfort and state of Patients through effective relief of post surgery pain.

wyr 23 November 2015

Safe Hospital Certificate 2014

St. Raphael’s Hospital as the finalist of the national Ranking of ‘Rzeczpospolita’ Magazine and the Quality Monitoring Centre of the Ministry of Health – ‘Safe Hospital’ 2014. With 855, 99 points the hospital came 14th in the national ranking of surgery clinics, multispecialistic and oncological hospitals. St. Raphael’s Hospital came second in the ranking for […]

PSZKHR 23 November 2015

HR Highest Quality Certificate 2014

„HR Highest Quality” certificate is the next award given to Scanmed Group for best practices when it comes to human resources management. This prestigious award is given by the Polish Association for Human Resources Management on the basis of results from objective research on the practical aspect of applying personnel policies in a company. The […]

certyfikat 23 November 2015

SA 8000 Certificate

Awarded to Scanmed Group for implementing the SA 8000 norm – the only international, certified CSR norm in the aspects of ethics and labour. The certification of compliance with requirements of the norm is a continuation of improving personnel policies and integrated management systems operating in an organization. SA 8000 norm (Social Accountability 8000) is […]

certyfikat 23 November 2015

Champions League 5S

As part of improving the quality and the organisation of work in 2014 Scanmed Group continued to take part in the ‘Champions League 5S’ project, launched in 2013, which is a league of companies boosting the 5S system through systematically undergoing uniform audits. 5S is a tool for constant improvement applied in management, the aim […]

jd 23 November 2015

Gold Emblem Highest Quality 2015 for Scanmed Group

The leader in Polish medical market awarded. Scanmed Group has received Gold Emblem in the Highest Quality – Quality International programme for providing comprehensive services in outpatient and hospital treatment in gynecology.

Bez-nazwy-1 23 November 2015

Certificate of Membership in III Polish Days of Spirometry

As part of III Polish Days of Spirometry, from 14 to 19 September this year we participated in a campaign due to which every person could undergo a free spirometric test. The national campaign, under the auspices of the President of National Health Fund, was organised the Polish Federation of Associations for Asthmatic, Allergic and […]


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