Occupational medicine

What appears to be of particular interest to employers is occupational medicine services. According to the Act on Occupational Medicine services, the employer should provide his workers with preventive medical care, signing a suitable agreement with an authorized medical centre. Services including periodic and preventive health examinations as part of occupational medicine, are provided in accordance with all legal requirements which Polish employers need to abide by. The range of services offered by Scanmed Group is compliant with Labour Code and occupational medical services Act from 27.06.97

Occupational medicine examinations are provided in Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk and Pabianice, as well as the rest of Poland, using a network of 300 centres which cooperate with us.

As part of the service we offer:

  • recognition of hazardous factors
  • participation of a doctor in BHP (health and safety at work) committees
  • giving advice regarding the physiology and ergonomics of work
  • observation of work posts
  • organisation of occupational medicine examinations at the Customer’s main office

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