Corporate prevention

In order to promote the idea of looking after the state of health and frame of mind of employees, who are the key capital of each company, as well as to satisfy the expectations of Employers, we have prepared an offer for organising and conducting prevention schemes at the workplace.

Based on analysis we recommend a particular pro-health scheme, of a diagnostic or informative nature. A detailed range of prevention schemes is arranged each time, after reaching an agreement with an Employer.

Before we begin to cooperate each Employer is provided with a free of charge analysis regarding the state of health of the population of a given company, taking into consideration elements such as:

  • demography,
  • working environment (hazardous factors),
  • prevention schemes undertaken so far
  • main reason for sick leaves

Please contact our sales and marketing department staff who, with Your assistance, are going to create a package which will meet your needs and the expectations of your employer.

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